The analysis revealed that men and women L


macrolepis had bad allometric increases designs. Although not, the newest b worth of the latest females try lower than compared to a man. The fresh new b value of a man M. engeli displayed a positive allometric increases pattern. Centered on these development trend data, the analysis indicated that Yards. engeli develops better than L. macrolepis, and so appearing that Yards. engeli is much more adaptable on the ecological updates of Lambada Lhok waters. In addition, the field observance towards the hook constitution of the anglers demonstrated one M. engeli has also been common. The newest Fulton’s standing grounds exhibited a small difference in K worth amongst the female and male for both types, in which the K worth are higher than 1. Based on Morton and you can Routledge thirty six , a fish people is actually good condition when the K worth exceeds step one. The analysis showed that brand new K worth of L. macrolepis varied from a single.sixteen to at least one.22, and 1.03 to at least one.09 to own M. engeli; thus, each other communities come in great condition, in the dry and you may wet-season, respectively. While doing so, the fresh new cousin lbs condition foundation from each other types is close to one hundred, demonstrating an equilibrium between sufferer and you may predator 20 . These types of performance show that such seas bring an adequate restaurants provider for those types. The brand new cousin lbs reputation foundation in addition to represents fish health problems, stock prices, and you can administration membership 23,35,thirty six,38,39 . For this reason, the fresh new Lambada Lhok oceans render enough food supply to possess mullets.

The outcome along with presented differences in gains activities during the dead and moist year, hence the latest fish became greatest inside lifeless year. The fresh possible reasoning is the fact that the seas are unmistakeable and you may an effective restrict speed of sun penetrates on the seas, triggering the development off phytoplankton and you may alga. Alga was a primary meal into the mullets forty–43 . In comparison, turbidity and you may currents have been highest in wet-season forty-two , and you will thereby think in order to restrict the growth from phytoplankton and you can alga as important food item for mullets 42,45 . A comparable event is actually said from the Chu mais aussi al. 31 , which discovered a negative increases pattern for the L. macrolepis into the Taiwan during the winter, and you will an enthusiastic isometric development pattern in the summer and springtime. Additionally, Sandhya and you can Shameem 31 noticed a poor progress pattern into the L. macrolepis in polluted oceans, compared to a keen isometric development trend within the unpolluted waters. But not, an other wanting is actually advertised within the four types of fish (Barbus intermedius, Clarias gariepinus, Labeo cylindricus, Oreochromis niloticus baringoensis and you can Protopterus aethiopicu) on River Baringo, Kenya 46 in which these types of types are expanding better throughout the wet-season 46 . Thus, they concluded that year impacted rather with the LWRs, but don’t change the standing basis of fish 46 . A negative increases trend was also reported when you look at the three types of mullets (Parachelon grandisquamis, Neochelon falcipinnis and you can Mugil cephalus) regarding the Sombreior Lake, Niger Delta, Nigeria 47 . According to Blackwell ainsi que al. 20 the fresh Wr is good to imagine seafood illnesses, stock, and you may management levels of fisheries resources.

In respect Muchlisin mais aussi al. twenty-two , besides suffering from the environmental points, the growth development regarding fish is also determined by seafood conclusion; for example, the seafood which were productive swimmer had a reduced b well worth compared to those that have been inactive swimmers forty eight–50 .

Table dos. This new b worth, coefficient regarding correlation and devotion, and you will status situations regarding Liza macrolepis dan Moolgarda engeli sampled away from pling 12 months

An average correlation coefficients off L. macrolepis have been 0.93 and 0.89 in women and you may guys, correspondingly, while swinging heaven üyelik iptali M. engeli got a relationship coefficient off 0.89 for men and you can 0.93 for women. In general, the fresh correlation coefficients out-of L. macrolepis and you can Yards. engeli become similar (over 75%), appearing a robust relationship anywhere between full duration and the entire body pounds. New dedication coefficients out of L. macrolepis had been 0.85 and you will 0.65 towards the men and women seafood, correspondingly, which means that just as much as 65%–85% off complete alternatives might be told me from the design, whenever you are Meters. engeli got a property value 0.90 and 0.94 for men and you may people, correspondingly, demonstrating one to 90%–94% regarding alternatives would be informed me by the design.