Several kids plus indicated that a strained mother-man relationship could be enhanced, especially if the moms and dads modeled a great mother or father-teenage communications:

Despite the adolescents’ requirement and you may desired of parental control and you can firmness, however they agreed with the mothers one to a great communication is important to have a collectively enjoying and supporting dating

Simpatia and you may personalismo have been uniform themes of teenage attract organizations. A good many kids planned to keep in touch with its mothers seem to, in an instant, and you can publicly, versus concern with parental anger. They thought that, to achieve this, moms and dads necessary to take the time to talk to them, tune in to whatever they was indeed saying, and also make him or her feel loved. You to definitely teenage elaborated on the importance of productive moms and dad-teenage communications:

The brand new teenagers together with thought that time constraints dysfunctional the fresh replace off feelings and thoughts having moms and dads. Like their parents, the brand new Dominican and you can Puerto Rican kids within our appeal groups talked about new traps showed by the the mothers’ functioning times. You to definitely adolescent demanded just what specific moms and dads had recommended: you to parents performs a lot fewer circumstances to maximize loved ones day.

Consistent with the concept of familismo, the new adolescents accepted and acknowledged the trouble parents exerted on their account. Regardless if moms and dads expressed concern with the risks of metropolitan roadways, the fresh teens shown count on that its parents could manage them of the becoming appropriately rigorous. One teenage stated, “Really, I think which they can be rigorous. If totally free lesbian dating sites Australia you let somebody just like your people enjoys versatility, you do not know what they might manage on the street.” Kids recognized the importance of adult manage as an energy that do assist them to stay safe and see very important lives wants, such as doing college or university: “You will not want your child to decrease out-of-school, therefore this is why you gotta end up being rigid” In the place of their moms and dads, yet not, teenage notice class people failed to feedback on differential therapy away from adolescents from the moms and dads considering cultural lifestyle concerning intercourse.

One another Dominican and you will Puerto Rican teenagers conformed through its moms and dads you to higher quantities of handle and you can higher amounts of desire was basically crucial into moms and dad-teenage relationships, including inside urban setup

Earlier research has provided a small at minutes inconsistent glance at regarding Latino child-rearing. The modern research desired in order to put the fresh new uniquely Latino cultural constructs out-of familismo, respeto, personalismo, simpatia, and intercourse roles towards the child-rearing domain names from demandingness and you may responsiveness conceptualized by the Baumrind. I utilized this Latino cultural framework in an unbarred however, planned interest group structure so you can generate way more real expertise about how Dominican and Puerto Rican parents in addition to their teenagers, remaining in a metropolitan enclave, known parental manage and you will enthusiasm within their dating.

You to particularly important shared motif associated with study is this new the amount to which parents and you will kids considered higher degrees of love and you will high amounts of manage important to energetic child-rearing. We advise that, inside the perspective of the metropolitan Dominican and you can Puerto Rican families engaging in this research, the Latino create from respeto was consistent with the build away from demandingness (that is, control) and therefore new construct simpatia are consistent with the notion of responsiveness (which is, warmth). Within Latino people, respeto refers to the significance of adhering to authority, be it centered on many years otherwise social standing. Simpatia, in turn, connotes confident, easy, social relationships and you may refers to the mutual accord Latinos try to achieve inside their interpersonal matchmaking. To the moms and dads in our appeal organizations, respeto just border parental power and the behavior you to definitely youngsters accord in order to elders, and also stresses right carry out. Parents and you can teens listed one an advanced off power over adolescents is required once the teenagers make use of constraints on their choices, especially in an urban form. Mothers unanimously reported that supervision and you will monitoring to their area, and you may obedience with respect to their adolescents, have been crucial on better-are of all of the family relations.